Auditions, auditions.

It's either I'm not doing anything or suddenly there's lots to do.

Monday; New Hampshire Theatre Project '09 - '10 season
August 5th; Nightmare Before Christmas
August 31st; Scrooge

(500) Days of Summer

Is anyone as excited for this film as I?

It's pretty much the perfect romantic comedy for people who are a little cynical about love. Or falling in love with someone only to realize they don't feel the same way, and you're stuck wanting a person you can never have.

From what I have read, it comes off as a movie that doesn't try reinventing what we know as far as "romantic comedies" go. However, it does take what we know and shines a new light on it. I think the gist of the film is that love is not perfect. I know that personally, this is a message I can relate with.

A weird dream that actually makes sense.

I blame this on falling asleep while watching a preview for "The Fashion Show" on Bravo.

The contestants from The Fashion Show were at my house. I guess I was part of the show, too. We then decided to get into a car and drive somewhere. While in the car, we're talking about our ideas for the upcoming show - as what we'd be designing, etc. It was my turn to share, and I said something to the effect of taking Les Miserables but modernizing it so it would be worn by today's woman. I then started sketching a design idea for an Enjolras outfit - a silk blouse with a built in scarf (tricolour of course), with a fitted red vest with tasteful gold detailing.

Drawing ideas... far I have 19th century Russian nobleman (thanks, Leah! :3), Courfeyac (I have no idea how to draw him! D: Or rather, draw him in a way that others haven't drawn him) and Montparnasse (who's rather easy to sketch - tall lanky guy in foppish attire with a knife - done).

Just a matter of getting those on paper...

Today, I -

- started to prioritize what needs to get done in my room.
- wrote a letter to a friend I haven't talked to in a while.
- started dividing clothes into "what I need" and "what I don't need" catergories.

Small accomplishments, but they feel good nonetheless.

What I've discovered this weekend...

i. Boxers are comfortable. (However, this may be because I'm wearing boxers that are spefically designed for girls).

ii. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat has a very catchy score.

iii. Cuddle time is the best time of day. (Apart from, supper time).